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Cedar Point Labradors

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We are excited that you have visited our website and hope to provide you with as much information as you are seeking regarding our dogs and the services we have to offer. Please feel free to fill out the request information submittal any time you have a question or want specific information not found in our website. Again thank you - and welcome!!

We constantly strive to breed pointing Labradors that are extremely intelligent and easily trained. We work hard at honestly evaluating the traits and characteristics of each dog in our kennel and make breeding determinations based upon combining the best of the best in an effort to make each progressive generation even better. Our pointing Labradors “naturally point” at very young ages and we now have many generations of certified pointing Labradors in the backgrounds of our dogs to insure that the dogs we share with the world not only carry the pointing gene – but do so with predictability, staunchness and style while maintaining all the retrieving characteristics that have made the Labrador Retriever Americas favorite dog.


Cedar Point Labradors

Our goal is to provide you with a treasured family companion who has the intelligence, predictability, trainability, health, conformation, great looks and personality to create a lifetime of happy memories for you and your family.

Oh, and did we mention that we hunt ALL of our dogs - living in South Dakota in the heart of arguably this countries finest upland bird and waterfowl action provides us the opportunity to work our dogs in the field all season long in a way that few others have the opportunity to experience. We know our dogs and what they can do so whether you are looking for an upland bird dog, waterfowl specialist, versatile dog who can do it all or simply a great family companion we welcome you to contact us and experience what a Cedar Point Labrador can do for you!

Neal & Kathy Hoyme