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Frequently Asked Questions

How are puppies priced?

Puppy prices typically range from $1,200 to $1,500 for a 7 week old puppy from our Kennel. Occasionally we will have a litter where we determine that the best complimentary stud is either located an exceptional distance from our kennel and additional transportation or breeding fees are involved or where the stud fee is higher than normal. In those instances we will advertise the increased puppy prices with the litter announcement. We understand that the investment in a puppy is a substantial investment and work diligently to match up the best of the best available studs across the country with our best females to enhance and improve each generation of dogs produced. We follow a thorough health and vaccination protocol and provide you with a record of your pup’s vaccination schedule at the time you pick up your pup at 7 weeks of age. All pups are raised with the Early Neurological Stimulation protocol along with extensive socialization and problem solving exercises. Beginning at 6 weeks pups are exposed to birds daily and we carefully track and note each pup’s reaction and overall birdiness. By the time you arrive to pick up your new family member at 7 weeks we will have extensive background notes on each individual pup to assist you in your selection process. AKC full registration papers will be provided on all puppies purchased from Cedar Point Labs.

How are deposits handled?

We typically start taking deposits at the time of the litter announcement or once a breeding has successfully occurred. A deposit of $400.00 is required to secure your place in the litter puppy pick order. For example the first deposit actually received has first pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick and so on. We ask at the time you place your deposit that you identify the color (if the litter announcement shows multiple colors in the litter) and sex of puppy you want. We will forward you a confirmation of the receipt of your deposit along with a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us which will help us help you select the pup that best fits your needs. Puppy picking can be a stressful time for many families and we do everything we can to assist you with extensive puppy evaluations so that you get the pup that best fits your situation. Typically deposits are non-refundable. If we are not able to supply the sex or color pup you have requested with your deposit we will refund your deposit or transfer it to another upcoming litter at your discretion.

SEND deposit to:

Cedar Point Labs
P.O. Box 485
Pierre, SD 57501

How do you guarantee your pups?

All puppies come with a 30 month written guarantee for hereditary hip and eye problems. We x-ray and certify all of our female’s hips and elbows and annually have their eyes examined and certified by a registered canine ophthalmologist. We only breed to stud dogs with OFA certified hips, elbows and eyes. Even with all of these precautions in rare instances a puppy will have a negative outcome and in such occurrence we will replace the puppy with another pup of similar cost. OFA certified hip and elbow x rays cannot be done prior to 24 months for certification and we urge you to carefully work with your veterinarian in selecting a specialist to do the hip and elbow x rays once pup has reached their 24 month birthday. All of our females are also tested for EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and CMN (Clinical Muscular Neuropathy) and we only breed to tested clear stud dogs so you can be assured that your pup will not carry those debilitating conditions. The costs incurred in testing and any shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. We will require a copy of the OFA test results prior to finalizing any warranty issues. Warranty will be void in the instance where pup is bred prior to x ray certification at 24 months or after, or in the case of extreme neglect or mishandling. We want our puppy purchasers to be happy with their selections and work hard first and foremost to verify the genetic backgrounds of our dogs and to get the right puppy into the customers hands and then to follow through with the puppy owners. With your puppy purchase you become part of our extended family and we work hard to treat you like we want to be treated ourselves.

What about shipping puppies?

We have a long and extensive background shipping puppies across the country via air freight and have had extremely good results. FAA and USDA regulations require that a puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age and of course shipped in an Airline approved shipping crate. A Veterinary Certificate for each individual pup is also required; those costs will be added to the purchase price of your pup. Typically we charge $100 for those fees and delivery to the Pierre, SD airport. You can either supply an airline approved shipping crate or we can supply one for you in which case that cost will also be added to purchase price. All costs for purchase of pup, vet inspections, delivery fees and shipping crate must be paid for in advance PRIOR to shipping the pup. No exceptions. In most cases the actual airline shipping fees are handled COD with the purchaser paying the fee at the receiving airport. This will be discussed with you during our conversations with you about airline shipping. We typically work with Delta and United Airlines as the primary route carriers as they have the necessary experience to make your pups’ trip safe and comfortable. We research and work with regional carriers from the major airline hubs to get your pup to the closest feasible destination to you. We will work with you to determine the best route and timing – however all bookings must be handled though us. We do not charge a fee for this – but experience has taught us that we have the experience to make sure that all the little details get taken care of so that your pups’ flight will go without a hitch.