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Babe is sired by AFC Hawkeye’s Viking who was the Nations top derby dog and has become a proven producer of competitive Labradors. Babe’s mother GMPR Jayhawks Rox was a once in a lifetime female of exceptional intelligence and trainability who produced a number of titled dogs. Babe’s first night with us as an 8 wk old puppy pretty much tipped us off as to her personality and intelligence. We took her into our motel room where we were playing / bonding with her when we turned on the TV. She came to attention and sat memorized watching the TV screen cocking her head from side to side as scenery or actors changed on the screen. When commercials came on she had us in stitches watching her react. She didn’t miss a thing that evening and it pretty much sums up her entire career. She is one of the most intelligent dogs we have trained or been around. Show her a new concept once and she has it down! She flat locked up and pointed the first live bird she encountered at 10 weeks of age while out on a walk with me. It was a wild rooster who quickly made tracks for a week patch close by. Babe looked at me and then instinctively looped around repositioning herself on the opposite side of the weed patch effectively freezing the running rooster pheasant in his tracks. A tactic she has employed thousands of times over the years. Extreme intelligence and bird sense in the most people friendly package you can imagine.