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Bella is a full sister to our Esther just one year younger. She is slightly taller than Esther and more of a mid sized version out of the legendary breeding's of Blue Collar Hershey and Lady Tess. This breeding has produced 4X GMPR HRCH MH QAA Rooster ( one of the most accomplished pointing lab sires to date), GMPR Rachael SH, GMPR Gator SH, MPR Return of the Jedi SH and numerous other titled dogs. Bella much like her sister Esther is FAST when covering a field yet possesses an outstanding nose. She has a super staunch and stylish natural point from long distances. With her superior nose she does not overrun her prey and has become a favorite to hunt behind because of her superior bird finding and bird working capabilities. Bella will be another cornerstone of our breeding program for years to come. Bella is tri-factored in that she carries both the chocolate and yellow color gene along with black. She will likely be bred to outstanding titled chocolate studs to help us anchor our chocolate program. Keep your eyes open to her litters as they will be very popular and sell out very quickly.