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GoldieGoldie is a medium framed yellow female that has proven to be one of the elite dogs we have encountered at handling wild roosters. Her sire GMPR Blackjack Tiger is a son of the legendary GMPR Wannamaker’s Hot Tub and Goldie carries Tubs good looks and build albeit in a slightly smaller, more feminine package. Goldie is extremely intelligent and possesses off the chart bird sense. She has a super stylish natural point with a very high tail set and has passed this on to her pups. She naturally quarters a field working every corner and piece of the field while keeping in contact with her hunters. She has a super nose and often comes up with crippled birds that other dogs simply couldn’t find. She is always a favorite with hunting clients and has settled many friendly debates in the field as to who actually shot that downed bird as she always delivers he bird back to the shooter ( not the handler), thereby effectively serving as retriever and referee!! She possesses an outstanding and outgoing personality along with her strong work ethic. She will flat wear you out retrieving bumpers when she is not in the field hunting and then love you up snuggling with you at home. She is a true gem and will be a contributor to our program for generations to come!