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Kate is our daughter of FC AFC CFC CAFC GMPR MH Last Chance Pesiko and GMPR Dakota Prairie Rose. Chance needs no introduction as he is one of the most accomplished Field Trial dogs that actually is hunted and has a natural point. He has proven to pass along his pointing instinct and Kate is the recipient of this and his superior retriever talents and intelligence. Kate’s mother, Rose, was entirely amateur trained and carries a strong pointing pedigree with GMPR Goose Creek Holy Smoke and GMPR Baxter Bing in her pedigree. Best of all Rose has been hunted extensively and has proven herself in the field where it truly counts. Kate is highly intelligent and was easy to train. VERY focused intense in training and working a field, she is a melt in your arms love bug around the house. Kate is smaller framed at 51 pounds but don’t let her physical stature deceive you. She has the endurance, stamina and desire to hunt ALL day long under any condition and is equally adept at retrieving a large Canada Goose as she is with any upland bird. Kate is an extremely good marker with a heart as big as all outdoors.