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Lexie is our daughter of GMPR Dukes True Grit and out of our own Cattail Callie. Duke is a dog who in our opinion should be in more of the pedigrees and backgrounds of the pointing lab world. Duke is a truly accomplished dog who could play any retriever game at any level. Duke also won several State pheasant hunting competitions. A tremendous marker with an unbelievable work ethic who happens to love to hunt. Stories abound about Duke settling in with the family to play board games at night. Duke is a truly gifted dog who passed along his talents to his daughter. Lexie is a very light yellow (nearly white) in color with a black nose and is a very good looking specimen. Lexie is well balanced and has a super staunch and stylish natural point. We do not make breeding selections for color alone, but if you are looking for a light yellow or nearly white pointing lab here is your next pup’s mother!